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Catching Up With Lindsay Horan
Colorado Rush standout completes training with Lyon

Colorado Rush Soccer -

Friday, September 16, 2011

LITTLETON, Colo. - Colorado Rush standout Lindsay Horan who enjoyed a stellar 2011 season had the opportunity to travel to France to train with Olympique Lyonnais. The Rush caught up with Horan to speak about her experience.

Rush Soccer: So, you’ve completed two weeks of training with Olympique Lyonnais, can you share how you are feeling (physically, mentally, your overall experience, etc.)?

Lindsey Horan: Well first of all it was a life time experience. The players I trained with were incredible. It was a challenge for me and I loved it. It was a lot of work but all of it was worth it and I had a great time with the players there too.

Rush Soccer: Can you give us an idea of what the training sessions were like during the second week while training at the OL grounds?

Lindsey: We would have one session a day... Starting with a different warm up every time. After warm up we did at least 20 min or more of just technical work. Then we would open it up and do 8v8 or some sort of play. And with most of the training sessions we would do some sort of shooting or crossing and finishing drill at the end.

Rush Soccer: What were the facilities like?

Lindsey: They were awesome. They had a numerous amount of fields all in perfect condition. We also got to see the men’s and women’s stadiums which were very cool... and they also had a club house with a cafeteria and just a place for all the players to hang out, youth or pro.

Rush Soccer: You were able to play in a few exhibition matches during the second week. Tell us about those matches. (Who? Where? Your play? Quality of soccer? Etc.)

Lindsey: The first two games we played were two 50 min games against the Algerian National team and also a division one professional team. Of the two teams we played against it wasn’t a very high quality of soccer but it was still good to play in games with Lyon. We won both games and I thought I played well. It was nice after training for at least ten days with them to actually get into a game with the team because it was different. I started at center mid and in the second game I played a little attacking mid. Over all I thought I played well. After that we did have a mini tournament days before I left. We played 3 games. The third one was the championship. The overall soccer of the other teams was again not great but it was still good to play in games. I felt the first two games I did okay, but the third game was probably where I played best. I finally scored my first goal and thought I was more involved in the game. The third game was considered the Championship game that we ended up winning so it was a great experience especially the fact we won the trophy.


Rush Soccer: What about off the field? What were your accommodations? Who did you stay with? What did you do when you weren’t training/playing?

Lindsey: Off the field I was staying with a girl on the team, Shirley Cruz, a very good player from the Costa Rican National. She had an apartment 15 min away from the club which was nice. Her apartment was located more towards the city and old town. For dinner we got to go to a few places in the city which was great. One of the days I went with Erik to watch the boys U-17 and up train so it was cool seeing the differences in trainings. We also got to attend the Men’s Champions League Qualifier between Lyon and Rubin Kazan which was an awesome experience and a great game.

Rush Soccer: What are some things you take away from your experiences while with OL?

Lindsey: There are many things I can take away from the whole experience. One of the most important was just being in a professional environment. The trainings and games were different than I’m used to and the things I’ve learned I can also put into my game. Also the work ethic that all the girls had was outstanding. It made me think a lot about my game and my goals and how I need to be training for them. The one other huge thing was the language. Trying to understand the coaching was very hard and I know now I need to learn French and be able to communicate with the players/coaches.

Rush Soccer: What is next for Lindsey Horan?

Lindsey: Keep working hard every day. I have many weaknesses that I need to improve so no matter what I need to be training hard. I have ECNL coming up for my club team and for the national team it’s the U-20’s World Cup year and one of my goals is to make that team. The U-20’s and U-18’s have a few camps coming up in a few months so I need to prepare for those if I get the call up.

Rush Soccer: How cool was it that Erik went to the Barca vs Madrid Spanish Super Cup Final at Camp Nou?

Lindsey: Well, where do I start? First of all, I came up with the idea to go to this game. But my idea was to go with him which is weird because I wasn’t there. So if it weren’t for me, Erik wouldn’t of even thought about going to the game. So I will take all credit for that. But in all honesty he did deserve to go to this game. He gave a lot up to leave for 2 weeks to another country and did help me out. I just feel bad for Erik because he made all this effort to go to this game and didn’t get anything like this.

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