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Keep An Eye On: Mallory Outerbridge
Get to know the brightest stars of the women’s game

USL Feature Series: Keep an Eye on This Girl

During the next few months will highlight the on-the-field stars of the W-League by getting to know their personalities off the field. Up first: 2011 W-League MVP Mallory Outerbridge of the Ottawa Fury. Outerbridge will return to the Fury for the 2012 season and was a crucial part of the Fury’s undefeated 2011 season. Outerbridge was dominant in 2011, earning the league scoring title and becoming the highest single-season scorer in Fury history. She racked up 37 points and 17 goals during the 2011 W-League regular season, far outpacing the competition. Outerbridge has always been a team player and attributes her success to the team behind her. Even when named MVP, she shared the accomplishment with the team, saying it was a "team effort, a team trophy."

Full name:  Mallory Dawn Outerbridge

Club: Ottawa Fury

Head Coach: Dom Oliveri

Born: Winnipeg, Manitoba. March 14, 1989

Nickname:  Mal

Position:  Forward

Inspired me the most:  My dad
Playing strengths:  Speed and quickness 

Needs a bit of work:  Left foot

Favorite player:  Christine Sinclair

Tell us about your coach:  Respects his players, great strategist and is always very professional.
Biggest career highlight:  Being voted W-League MVP in 2011

Biggest practical joker: Melissa Busque

Advice I would give to young girls following in my footsteps: Understand your limits, but more importantly understand they’re all in your head... there are NO limits.

I’m stranded on a small island. Five things I’d want with me:  Soap, toothbrush/toothpaste, hat, bug spray, iPod

Tunes I’m listening to:
  David Guetta and Tiesto. They’re both DJs and I like everything they produce. I also like Mac Miller who’s a rapper.

Retro item I wish would make a comeback:
Snap bracelets! 

Favorite movie: 
Shawshank Redemption 

Describe yourself in five words:
  Confident, independent, punctual, outgoing, goal oriented, and lovable (sorry about the 6 words, just couldn’t take one away.) 

Finish this...

I can’t get enough of… Goldfish crackers.

I spend my money on…

My fashion style is… Hipster. I’m in with the trends but I try to make them my own at the same time.

Technology and social media is… on the brink of being too much, too intrusive and too addictive.

Over time I’ve learned… to always keep a level head, about anything and everything.

Sometimes I need to… just watch tv.

Every day I try to… stretch and get a good night’s rest.

I’m thankful for… my loving and caring family!

My biggest influence…  my dad and sister.

I used to… ride a unicycle.
I always… smell good.

I have a friend… who runs Iron Mans competitively.

I play a bit like… Tiffeny Milbrett.

If I wasn’t playing soccer I’d be… a lawyer like my grandpa.

In five years I see myself… playing in an Olympics!


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