Rough Riders Open Season Strong
Defeat Impact, 3-1

Long Island Rough Riders News Release -

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Long Island Rough Riders started their 2013 W-League season with a dominant performance, defeating the Fredericksburg Impact 3-1. More than 1,800 fans were on hand as Amanda Epstein and Luisa Echeverry secured an early lead and Amanda Ferranti added an insurance goal in the second half.

The game was filled with drama and excitement from the start with Rogh Riders forward Grace Hawkins taking the first shot only 20 seconds in.  Just a minute later, Kayla Pifer’s corner kick found Echeverry, who passed back to Epstein to tally the first goal of the game.

The Rough Riders controlled the rhythm of the game, leading to multiple chances on goal. Hawkins played a vertical ball down the right flank, but Epstein’s shot was stopped by Impact goalkeeper Pacheco. When Holly Dawson passed deep to Echeverry however, Pacheco couldn’t do anything but watch the second goal of the game (33rd minute).

The Impact trie to get back in the game and sent defenders forward to pressure on the Rough Riders’ defense. The excellent play of the home team secured the 2-0 lead at halftime, with Long Island enjoying a 9-3 shot advantage.

The Rough Riders came out in the second half exactly where they left off in the first. The home team was playing attractive soccer, controlling the pace of the game. Hawkins’ attempt in the 47th minute beat the keeper, only to hit the cross bar. Long Island stayed alert and was able to add another goal when Hawkins beautifully found Ferranti, who secured the 3-0 lead.

When the game seemed to have been decided, the Impact had their best moment of the night when Chelsey Haney beat Rough Riders’ keeper Kim Comstock from the left corner of the 18-yard box (80th minute).

The victory puts the Rough Riders in first place of the Northeastern Conference with 3 points.